General Order Suppliers

While procurement of general order supplies is imperative for any organization no matter at what scale they are running their business but achieving economies of scale for each product efficiently. We save your time, resources, and efforts by offering you all the general order supplies under one roof at the highest quality and competitive market prices to both the Individual and Industrial clients.

Generally, our orders from clients comprise of the following supplies of which we have great experience in:

  • Computers & Laptops.
  • Installation of CCTV Cameras.
  • Firefighting Equipment
  • Safety and Security gadgets
  • Printers
  • All IT related equipment
  • Industrial Equipment

The supplies mentioned above aren’t just what we have expertise in, but we have a wide network of suppliers who provide us all the necessary supplies at rock-bottom prices yet top-notch quality material. So even if an organization wants to place an order of any type that falls under the bracket of general order supplies and needs to be customized as per the needs of the organization even then we are ready to serve you in a swift and efficient manner.

Our Suitable Clients?

  • Individual Clients.
  • Industrial Clients.

Clients of General Order Supplies may require supplies both as an individual and may also be which are specifically for industrial needs. Ikona has a wide range of sources through which we procure our supplies and as per the requirements of the clients. 

Why Choose Us?

In order to excel as a General Order Supplier, we need to have different kinds of suppliers as per the need of the customer based on the requirements of their cost, size of their business, built of the product, imported products, or some sort of handicrafts. Here are the sources through which we source your required products:


In order to get the cheapest price, we have a vast network of manufacturers through which we bring you rock-bottom prices while sourcing your products from independent. While sourcing from manufacturers we make sure that the manufacturer doesn’t only provide premium quality products but also is efficient in terms of proximity.


If you’re a small to medium-size enterprise then procuring your products from a distributor is the best option as they would allow you to procure smaller quantities of inventory at a little higher cost than the manufacturer but the benefit of purchasing smaller quantities will eliminate the risk of a bigger financial loss. Another advantage of a great significance is that the freight cost will be a lot less hence would compensate for the additional cost spent at procuring the products.

Import Agents:

The reason why you may need an import agent is because of the lack of availability of a particular product in the country where you are operating your business. Import Agents procure foreign products of a specific niche or of many niches and are also known as domestic wholesalers. They benefit when there is a lack of availability of the product, you aren’t familiar with the sources from where you could procure at the right cost, or you don’t have the time to research the market on your own.

Handicrafts or Craftspeople: 

There is a great market for handicrafts and its market share is increasing every passing day so in order to procure from people who create unique products but getting access to such independent craftspeople is quite a hassle.

We have the right resources and contacts with the people who are experts in their craft and can deliver products in bulk quantity. We can also source products from them for you at a competitive price and efficient delivery. Most of the time they display their products at trade shows or have their representatives, but we have a legion of craftspeople through which we will find you your desired product.