To continue our legacy of maximizing value and to take the business performance to the pinnacle of efficiency we also offer services of Management Consultancy to our valuable clients. It includes a legion of services and this is what makes Ikona Associates a distinguished organization as it provides a bundle of value under an umbrella.
We at IKONA aids individuals, startups and businesses, manage and improve their performance and grow by solving problems and discovering new and better methods of doing business and providing services to the society at large. We collaborate with private and public sector organizations to help develop their services and, where necessary, reduce costs and increase margins. An aptitude for client handling, listening, strategic planning, business analysis and consulting management provide us with a distinguished position in the market. We provide businesses, gaining external independent and assertive advice and access to the consultant’s expertise.
Our consultants and partners are accredited with prestigious qualification which sets us apart for creating value for our clients. With continuous learning and professional development, we make sure our consultants and partners are fully equipped with most innovative style and problem-solving attitude.

Who would be Our Suitable Clients?
Non-Profit Organizations (NGO’s)
Consultancy Companies.
Small Business Enterprises (SME’s)

What Areas do we focus on Management Consultancy?

Cost Efficiency:
Cost-cutting is one of the integral parts to having a competitive advantage over others and this is why we have a special emphasis on it and inculcate it with the holistic strategy. Resultantly, our clients have seen a huge cut in the savings and a significant increase in their Average ROI.
Improvised Operations & Agility:
Starting from the beginning of the value chain which is procuring raw material towards the entire supply chain the process needs to be uninterrupted and free of any kind of obstacle. Improvising this process by finding the gaps and providing it agility enhances the operations significantly and this is why it is on our priority list.
Customer Centric Marketing:
Finding the right target market through the demographics, psychographics, and geographic is a peculiar part of marketing, and strategies designed on these principles are imperative. But the contemporary rules of marketing have some add on responsibilities and now the focus is on making policies that have an emphasis on customer and customer experience. This strategy gives a unique experience to users on every touchpoint. Customer loyalty will also be increased if the customer is satisfied and will be a devoted customer for a longer time.
Value Added Strategy:
A consistent, reliable, and sustainable value creation is what a top-notch should sound like. An undeniable fact is that for making a successful strategy, creating competent personnel and their experience plays a great role. The right strategy will direct you to adapt to the changing market dynamics and avoid uncertainty so that sustained growth can be achieved.


What Falls under Management Consultancy?

Bookkeeping & Accounting Consultancy:
We have expert resources hired for consultancy of book-keeping and accounting that have hands-on experience on the contemporary software required to deliver nothing less than excellence. To know about your business it is critical to know where your finances are. In short, it is the reflection of your business activities which will mirror your bookkeeping and resultantly will enable you to make informed decisions about your business.
Operations Consultancy:
Operations of a business are the area where most of the opportunities lie hence our competent team will unveil the untapped areas of your business through which organizations could maximize their profit and value offered to their clients. Our consultancy has always proved to be result-oriented and practical and its proof is the trust of organizations.
Tax Consultancy:
Which organization wouldn’t want to keep most of the chunk of their money legally by staying in compliance with the rules made by FBR? With the help of our dedicated team, we will audit the finances of the organization, get into the nitty-gritty, and devise a game plan related to the deductions and tax credits. By making a customized strategy, we would save you tons of money in taxes.
Payroll Management:
We also offer the services of Payroll Management in which we would maintain and update all the payments and deductions on our behalf and ensure complete confidentiality of the company records. A continuous process of upgrading the database of payroll would depict the actual position of the financial position of the organization. We at Ikona ensure our clients to handle all the hassle related to payroll with efficiency with the help of our competent personnel.
Corporate Secretarial Services:
In order to abide by the local standards and regulations, every organization must follow the guidelines of the Corporate Secretarial Services. Our professional lawyers have complete proficiency in offering services such as International Entity Management, Governance, Regulatory Compliance, and other core issues related to SECP.